"I tapped her on the shoulder earlier on and just said ‘Hey.’ She said ‘Hey.’ We hugged and she says ‘Let’s do this. Let’s Rock this tonight.’ We’re family, no matter what. And we all love each other, no matter what. It’s a lot bigger than a paragraph or a picture. It’s real. So it was a reunion, and we were there for Kurt. It was a beautiful night. It was good.” - Dave Grohl on Courtney Love during Nirvana’s Rock Hall, 2014.


High school are fakes. Lies. Betrayal. Changing who you really are just to fit in. Fuck high school. It sucks to the core and I’m just done with it. One more day it in and I will fucking lose it.


my neck

my back

my pizza

and my snacks

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this is great because i bet that’s what they felt like. Like everything else in the world had stopped and it was just the two of them. So freaking cute i’m sad

I’m gonna fucking cry

I can’t wait for this to be me